Board Communication Procedures

The Board welcomes shareholder input and suggestions. Shareholders and other interested parties may communicate with one or more members of the Board, or the non-management directors as a group, in writing by regular mail. The following address may be used by those who wish to send such communications by regular mail:


[Board of Directors] or [Name of individual Director]
Equifax Inc.
c/o Corporate Secretary
P.O. Box 4081
Atlanta, Georgia 30302


The Board has instructed the Corporate Secretary to review all communications so received and to not forward to the Board any correspondence that is inappropriate such as solicitations for goods or services and similar inappropriate communications unrelated to Equifax or its business.

Reporting Accounting, Financial or Auditing Concerns

All concerns related to Equifax?s accounting practices, internal accounting controls, financial statements or auditing matters will be referred to the Audit Committee of the Board. You may report your concerns anonymously to our Chief Legal Officer or Chief Compliance Officer through the toll-free Equifax Reporting Line, operated by an independent company, at (877) 482-5252; however, the Audit Committee encourages you to provide you name and contact information so that we may contact you directly if necessary during an investigation and respond to your concern.